St. Louis Blues Fan’s Wedding Photos

— Posted on 01/09/15 by Chad Keffer

These two were not only perfect for each other but they were perfect for me!  Amy and Matt have not only become clients these two have become great friends of mine and who doesn’t love that when you build that kind of relationship with your clients!?

Amy and Matt are the biggest jokesters! They pick on each other, they make each other laugh, they support each other and most importantly they both love the St. Louis Blues!  I’ve had the opportunity to know them for about a year before their big day.  I was lucky enough to be apart of it and capture it in all the fun and crazy times of the day.  From their beautiful ceremony to the Anchorman style brawl of Groomsman vs Bridesmaids in the parking lot of an old warehouse! They are a blast to get to know and continue to keep in contact with! Who could ask for better clients?

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