Mascoutah Senior Model – Kaitlyn Jokisch

— Posted on 05/18/15 by Chad Keffer

Kaitlyn is probably the most bubbly personality I’ve met. She’s far from shy and knows how to have a good time in front of a camera! We took to the streets of Downtown St. Louis and found some new locations to give her a different look than everyone else. It was a very relaxed senior model session and had a blast shooting her senior model session. If you know Kaitlyn, stop and talk to her about her experience!

Here’s a testomonial from Kaitlyn:

“My experience at Niche Photography was a blast. I felt as if I were living the high life as a model. They do your makeup, hair, and pick out a variety of outfits that will look the best. The Niche crew does a spectacular job on making you feel comfortable and outgoing during the photoshoot. I loved getting to be myself and share many laughs with the crew during my senior session. There is never a dull moment during the session because you are constantly working it for the camera and listening to music played by the crew to keep you entertained as well as having a goodtime. I believe Niche Photography is the perfect choice to sign up for your senior session for an experience you will never forget.”

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senior model

20150503-St Louis-Kaitlyn Jokisch-Senior-004_blog.jpg

20150503-St Louis-Kaitlyn Jokisch-Senior-006_blog.jpg

senior model

20150503-St Louis-Kaitlyn Jokisch-Senior-018_blog.jpg

20150503-St Louis-Kaitlyn Jokisch-Senior-021_blog.jpg

20150503-St Louis-Kaitlyn Jokisch-Senior-022_blog.jpg

20150503-St Louis-Kaitlyn Jokisch-Senior-024_blog.jpg

senior model

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