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— Posted on 08/15/15 by Chad Keffer

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I love this couple we battled the weather the day of their engagement session between humidity, heat and rain and even completely forgetting shoes…sorry Aubrie!  We made it work and had a great time and wonderful images.  I asked Aubrie and Brian a few questions to share some background of their relationship from both of their perspectives.

Tell us how you first met…

While I was in between my freshman and sophomore years of college, I was with my “big sister” from my sorority and we were visiting a mutual friend’s apartment for a small party. It was an upstairs apartment with outdoor stairs so when we arrived I saw two guys working underneath an ugly sports-car and I mentioned to her that I thought one of them was kind of cute; from a distance of course. We continued the night and I had a great time with my sisters and didn’t think much of it. As the semester passed we were briefly introduced and I guess he even came to a party I had, who knew? The week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve I had planned to visit my older sister in St. Louis whom I hadn’t seen since I was in middle school, understandably I was a little nervous. From our brief discussions I knew that this guy I had been introduced to was from St. Louis. I messaged him on Facebook and asked if there was anything I should see or do while I was there since I was likely going to be alone a few days during the week while my sister was working (but I didn’t tell him that). He said he would also be in town that week visiting his family and he volunteered to show me around. He took me first to the art museum. We hardly knew each other and we had to be both appropriately quiet and interested in the art when there was so much awkward in the air. Next we went to the science center and saw the Grossology exhibit which was about farts and other bodily functions, what a great ice-breaker. On New Year’s Eve I was with my sister at a bar and he texted me asking me where I was. I told him and about five minutes before midnight he walked in the door, I really didn’t expect him to come! My sister embarrassed me and told me he had a crush on me but I wasn’t really interested. Once we both returned to school in Michigan, I invited him to come with me and a few of my guy friends to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit since I knew he was into cars. He agreed to come and we really hit it off, a few weeks later we were dating, and it’s been love ever since.

Tell us about the proposal!

I had intended to propose to her in her favorite place, Charlevoix, MI in August when we were visiting family up there but things didn’t work due to the busyness of the weekend and unforeseen circumstances. The failure of that weekend in Michigan had me scrambling for a plan B as we wouldn’t be returning to Michigan again until December at the earliest. I had remembered our first date at the St. Louis Art Museum and how much our relationship had changed since that awkward day at the Art Museum and thought that as far as St. Louis goes, the Grand Basin on Art Hill would be the perfect place. The planning didn’t take long after deciding a spot. I felt anxious more than anything.

Tell us the one thing you love most about each other! Don’t be shy!

I love Brian’s intelligence. He knows so much about history, math, current events and even obscure topics. He is very resourceful and yearns to learn about everything; he has a beautiful mind. I love how selfless Aubrie is, not only to me but to complete strangers. I’ve seen her give to people she’s never met and will never see again.

Besides getting married, what is the one thing you are looking forward to on your wedding day?

We are looking forward to having a private moment alone together realizing the huge commitment we just made to work to love each other for our soul’s entire journey.

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